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How’s Your Reminder System Working?

If a prospect tells you he’ll be ready to do business with you in two months and asks you to call him at that time… how will you remember to make that call? Do you have a reminder system? If you do, you won’t miss out on future business. If you don’t, you’ll leave business on the table for a competitor. One of the key components to being good at follow up is using your CRM / database reminder system. Warning: Don’t rely on your memory. Life is busy and sometimes it’s hard to remember what needs to be done tomorrow, let alone any time beyond that. Having an automated reminder system will bring you peace of mind because you →

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Do You Say Thank You?

You might be thinking what does saying thank you have to do with follow up?  A common misconception is that follow up only happens on the prospecting side.  However, it goes way beyond that.  It’s imperative to take care of your relationships and show appreciation after business has been closed and/or a referral has been transacted.  One very simple way to do that is by saying thank you which is an expression of appreciation.  When your prospects, clients and referral sources feel appreciated, you are creating loyalty.  A loyal following is ripe ground for more business and/or referrals.  Saying thank you is a common courtesy we were taught as children. My oh my, how that courtesy has gone by the →

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