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Keep It Positive

“Quality performance starts with a positive attitude.” -Jeffrey Gitomer There can be a lot of negativity attached to following up. When following up shift your attitude towards positivity. Focus on getting the business and not a negative outcome. While a negative outcome is a possibility it will be much easier to take with a positive attitude. If the result is negative, just say to yourself “next”.

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Is it a Priority?

We are officially on the home stretch of 2017.    My question:    Is follow up a priority?      It’s very easy work not to do, but the consequences result in lost sales and lost business.  So how do you make follow up a priority?  By putting it at the top of your list.    Here’s my challenge.  For the rest of the year, I want you to get your follow up work done first thing in the morning (not so early that you can’t make calls).   If you do this every working day for the rest of the year, my prediction is you will greatly improve your year end results.    Good luck!     

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Are You In The Game?

How you think when a prospect isn’t responding will determine if you “stay in the game”. 80% of sales are made between the 5th and 12th contact. Just because prospects don’t respond when you want them to is not a reason to get discouraged and give up. Stay in the game and keep following up!  

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Are You On Track?

I have no doubt you had a plan in January to increase your 2017 sales.  With the 1st quarter now behind us; 1/4th of the year gone; are you on track with your sales goals?   My hope for you is that you are.  If you’re not, it’s time to buckle down and re-commit.  One sure way to re-commit is to start following up without fail.    Let me simplify it for you….if you’re not following up, you’re losing business.  Please make the call, send the email, text or private message.  Don’t let another day go by that you’re not following up.   The days will turn into months and before you know it, another quarter will be behind you which means 1/2 →

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