About Wanda Allen, Founder of Follow Up Sales Strategies

Wanda AllenWanda has been developing systems for corporations for over 25 years. She also has a strong sales background and has worked with sales teams throughout her 25 year corporate career.  Teaming these two skills makes her one of the country’s leading sales follow up coaches. Wanda teaches workshops to sales teams, offers individual coaching programs and speaks to business organizations and associations.

She was a business banker for 25 years and was promoted to Senior Vice President at the age of 30.  She held that position for 15 years.  She specialized in the area of SBA loans and spent much of her career managing SBA departments. This is where she discovered that creating and implementing systems would help make her job easier due to all the rules and regulations required to run an SBA compliant department.  Wanda was later promoted to branch manager where she honed her skills in sales.

Wanda was asked by a prospect’s office manager if she was going to be one of those bankers who only followed up in the beginning, and once the client’s accounts were opened they would no longer hear from her. Wanda knew in that moment that she had to figure out a way to not only follow up on the prospecting side, but she had to find a way to consistently stay in touch with her clients.  To do this, she fell back on her skill of creating systems. She coupled this skill with the understanding of how critical following up and staying in touch with clients is in the sales process.

Throughout Wanda’s banking career she often heard comments from her clients, prospects and referral sources such as … “you always call when you say you will”, “you always stay in touch” “you never forget my birthday”. At the time she didn’t pay much attention to these comments, but these comments helped her see that, in general, most sales people and business owners struggle in the area of follow up.  She saw this is an opportunity and it gave her a mission to build her business knowing how much these skills needed to be taught to others. That’s when she decided to share her follow up strategies and proven systems with other business owners, organizations and sales professionals when she launched her own company. 

Wanda Allen, The Follow Up Sales Strategist, has developed a proven follow up system and strategies that are tried, tested, proven and effective. These strategies will dramatically increase sales, significantly increase pipelines and strengthen relationships.

Wanda is also the author of Follow Up Savvy and Follow Up Sales Strategies.


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