How's Your Reminder System Working?

If a prospect tells you he’ll be ready to do business with you in two months and asks you to call him at that time… how will you remember to make that call?

Do you have a reminder system? If you do, you won’t miss out on future business. If you don’t, you’ll leave business on the table for a competitor.

One of the key components to being good at follow up is using your CRM / database reminder system. Warning: Don’t rely on your memory. Life is busy and sometimes it’s hard to remember what needs to be done tomorrow, let alone any time beyond that. Having an automated reminder system will bring you peace of mind because you won’t be relying on your memory or any other ineffective system.

Case In Point:

I decided in October that I would have myself videotaped during one of my speaking engagements that was to be held in January. I was in need of a video for my website. I spoke to two video professionals in October and told them I would be ready for their services in January.

The first person I spoke to was very friendly and informative about his services. When I told him what my timing was, I could hear the excitement leave his voice. He said he would email me some information, which he never did. He also told me he would contact me in January, and he didn’t do that, either.

The second person I spoke to was very friendly and gave me some good information about her services. I told her what my timing was and she said she would contact me in January. Guess what? I never heard from her.

Because of the lack of follow up with these two professionals, I was forced to look elsewhere, in other words, to their competitors. I spoke to a third person. I was pleased with the description of his services and pricing. He said he would send me a proposal the next day. I didn’t get it until the following week; he never called to tell me there would be a delay and didn’t even acknowledge it when he sent it to me. Because he was late, I was forced, yet again, to look for another video person. His inability to follow through on his word and get me the proposal as promised left me with a poor impression of how he does business. I wasn’t willing to move forward with him.

I had to look for yet another video person. I put out feelers and was referred to a woman named Corrie. She responded promptly to my inquiry and I had a quote within 24 hours. I knew with this kind of service, she was the one I would hire.

I had to go through three people to find one who would follow up properly and provide good service. The fact that the first two didn’t call me back told me they don’t have an effective reminder system in place. Had one of them responded and provided good service, I would have been guaranteed business. Unfortunately, they both missed out and let their competitor get my business.

Don’t miss out…. keep your reminder system in play at all times.

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