Your Fortune Is In The Follow Up

Learn how to tap into your fortune through effective follow up systems and processes.  Discover how the simple act of following up and consistently staying in touch with clients, prospects and referral sources will increase your pipeline,  improve sales performance, strengthen customer service skills, increase client retention and create loyalty.

Stop struggling and learn how to develop strategies that will improve your follow-up efforts immediately.

Learn How To:

  • Make follow up a daily habit and keep it a priority
  • Get organized by learning how to use a database program / CRM effectively for follow up purposes
  • Systematize your follow up work to develop strong customer relationships
  • Have follow up conversations with ease and convert more prospects into loyal customers
When follow up is a priority, it gets done You don't have to wait until you have the time

Wanda Allen

5 Secrets To Closing More Sales With Effective Follow Up

Learn how to keep your prospect pipeline active and increase your closing rate through effective follow up systems that really work. Discover the secrets to easily tap into your potential business goldmine of prospects by consistently following up and staying in touch.

Say goodbye to the sales closing roller coaster with productive follow up practices. Avoid thin pipelines and excuses for not tending to your business relationships … they are the lifeline of your business growth and productivity.

Learn How To:

  • Make follow up a daily habit and keep it a high priority
  • Get organized by learning how to use a database program / CRM effectively for follow up purposes
  • Systematize your follow up work to support the habit of consistent action
  • Turn a stack of business cards into live, active prospects and keep the stack from building again
  • Identify lost relationships and learn how to rekindle them
Customers are a great source for more business and referrals. Once business has been transacted, don't ever forget about them!

Wanda Allen

Exceptional Follow Up & Superior Customer Service

Learn how your sales team along with the inside support staff can handle each of their follow up responsibilities effectively. When follow up efforts are consistent with both teams, client retention increases, morale increases and there is unity and ease in getting business closed. Learn how to create guaranteed superior customer service when your teams are in sync and have the same goals with the customer in mind.

This unique presentation is designed for the outside sales team as well as the support staff.

Learn How To:

  • Implement great follow up habits
  • Develop exceptional customer service skills as a team
  • Understand how each employee can have an important relationship with every customer
  • Have a complete understanding of why it’s so important for the inside and outside team to support one another
  • Communicate effectively within the team
At the end of the day, everyone wants a good customer service experience … why not make that experience superior?

Wanda Allen

We recently had Wanda in for her training session. Her suggested practices were well received by the team and have empowered them to reduce stress and increase their face to face contacts with prospects, customers, and referral sources. I especially like the feedback on “no more business card clutter”…very productive!

Dino D'Auria, Executive Vice President, Chief Banking Officer,
Silvergate Bank

Thanks so much for your amazing training! I really got a lot out of it and I got great feedback from my team. You are such a grounded and organized trainer who really stands out above the rest. I'd like to bring you back for more training. Thanks for making yourself available to our team.

Susan Lamping, Vice President of Sales
CDC Small Business Finance

As a business owner, keeping my employees up to date with training and best practices is the measure between success and failure for my company. Wanda not only helped my team with practical tools, tips and tricks within our systems but also provided valuable tools to help them grow as individuals outside of their job. Her follow up system and sales strategies are a game changer while very simple to follow. I highly recommend Wanda for any teams looking to increase their closure rate or find it important to invest and develop their employees.

Renee VanHeel, Founder/President, Pay it Forward Processing

I was amazed at how interested and engaged the staff became about the subject of follow-up as a result of Wanda's Follow Up Sales Strategies workshop. The attitude towards client appreciation, persistence and organized action towards follow up is a subject discussed in meetings and in the break room. We are able to attribute the sales growth from relationships within contracts to Wanda's Follow Up Sales Strategies workshops.

Rhiannon Acree, CEO / President, Cambrian Homecare

I closed my business and assembled my entire team for Wanda's Follow Up Sales Strategies workshop. Time and money well spent. My company has made changes in our mindsets and procedures after Wanda's workshop. How many prospects did we not close because our competitors used systematized methods to follow up and we did not? I'm proud and excited to say 'Things are going to be different around here. Thank you Wanda!

Lee Austin, Owner, Design Studio West

Our International Convention in Las Vegas included a keynote during our luncheon – Wanda Allen’s Follow Up Sales Strategies Presentation. This was truly a highlight! Wanda engaged a large ballroom filled with entrepreneurs, to the extent that as she summed up the ways in which follow-up can change a life, you could hear a pin drop. Perhaps no one really can appreciate what it takes to manage relations the right way, with the right tools – until they hear Wanda dissect the process. Enlightening information, delivered in a personable and engaging style, and what is even better, Wanda is a truly genuine and caring person, who wants you to discover the benefits that come from proper sales follow-up. Wanda is a true professional, and we would have her back again anytime!.

Teresa Young, President / CEO, Sign Biz, Inc.

Wanda’s presentation on follow up was extremely popular. She really got into the nuts and bolts of how to do it right. And, I’ve never seen so many people stay after an event ended to talk to the speaker. Wanda and her program were extremely popular with our members

Joel Perler, Vice President, Membership Development, Long Beach Chamber of Commerce

A BIG thank you for sharing your Follow Up Sales Strategies workshop and wealth of knowledge with our sales team. We all have lofty goals and you really gave us some valuable insights on how we can get there with a simple, straightforward plan of action! I'm very excited to implement the ideas.

Katy Arrington, Senior Catering Sales Manager, Maderas Golf Club

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